Flock to the Beacon


“Flock to the Beacon”

Acrylic on Canvas, 2015, 500×600

This painting came about because I wanted to deviate from the waves I’d been doing recently, I fancied a more abstract approach to try and show movement. I started with the background, I covered an old canvas with various colours and set them in a smeared pattern for my background, next I added texture to give variation in the background and the illusion of clouds. The sun came next, I wanted to keep it fairly abstract to match the pattern I had in mind for the waves. To do the water and the waves it was a case of loading my brush with a range of colours and turning my brushes against the canvas, this created a wash, spashy effect – easy enough to add emphasis with by adding whites to the spray. The lighthouse concept only came about as something to fill the space, I wanted it to silhouetted but also not conventional colouring if possible. in my mind the lighthouse would be striped red and black in a light setting, but here it is a deep claret and black. Adding windows really brought the lighthouse to life. In attempting to remain slightly silhouetted I did add some texture and colour to the rock face and terrain but only sparingly. The gulls in the picture are slightly distorted to emphasise movement and a diminishing light from the setting of the sun. I wanted it to appear that perhaps they were flocking to the lighthouse to rest for the night, if you look close enough you should be able to see some of them already settling on the roof and railing of the lighthouse. To finish off the painting I added stars in the darker parts of the night sky.

Thanks for checking my painting out, more soon.

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