Hull and back

Acrylic on canvas


900 x 1400 image This is my interpretation of a view of the Humber Bridge in Hull from Hessle foreshore. To me the bridge represents a doorway in and out of Hull, the first and last thing you see of Hull when your on the M62.

I was born in Hull so I’ve seen the bridge a lot, in my younger years I’d go under it almost every weekend as the rugby teams I played for went to face our opposition. What attempting this painting I was challenged more by the size of the canvas than I was the image I had in mind. I’ll probably paint the Humber bridge a few more times yet as I practise painting but I might not regularly attack a big canvas like this so I wanted it to mean something. I began painting this in 2014, I did different sections of the painting in different burst of energy. I have to admit I had a suspended pause of fear when doing the wires holding the bridge as well as the shadow but I eventually gave in to fear. With a “what the hell” attitude a soldiered on. After another pause I decided one evening to finish the painting, after rushing to grab my girlfriend’s opinion I decided enough was enough. With the appraisal from my girlfriend and the fear of overdoing it or ruining it Is put my brushes down.

I believe my mum likes this painting the most and the canvas was donated by her and she still lives there. For that reason the title was a no brainer, “Hull and back”

Hopefully my cat, Mr Chunks Sasquatch helps to emphasise the size of the canvas in the photos. image image image image image

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