Bruce and his technicolour Gotham


Acrylic on Canvas
600 x 500

Off the back of Summer Rain I was feeling playful with my palette so I set about making a colourful juxtaposition to something normally so bleak and dark; Gotham city. The silhouetted city behind Batman is true(ish) to comic lore and had some of the recognizable landmarks of Gotham city, such as One Port/ Trinity place, Crystal Palace/ America’s Mall, Von Grunwalds Tower, the residential section, Gotham Centre, and part of the R.H. Kane Building. This was just a bit of fun so I’m not worrying about being too accurate and trying to capture every part of Gotham, just enough to make any passing Bat-fan smile. Although it’s not blatantly evident in the photo there are iridescent colours in the sky. Originally Batman himself was going to be a mess of colours but the more I thought about it the less I wanted to leave the dark knight in pink polka dot.
This painting has inspired me to pick up my watercolours again so I can try mixing colours for effect on the canvas. More soon, same Bat-time, same Bat-blog, same Bat-channel. 🙂