Comic Inspired Collection 5 – Wolverine


Acrylic on Canvas
500 X 600

“I’m Wolverine. I’m the best there is at what I do. But what I do isn’t very nice.”

Ok, so if started this painting aaaaages ago but I’ve finally come back to finish it off. Initially when designing the painting I couldn’t decide on how I would represent Wolverine, that’s in essence what took me so long to finish it. I want sure if I should paint a modern take on the character, something more retro, or something far out and extreme; in the end I went with a version I remember from the 80/90’s cartoon so well. I was going to make Wolvie appear masked but I’ve seen soo many interpretations where the mask had been used to almost demonise the character, I wanted to have an angry Wolvie without the mask, even if that meant a challenge. Because the background felt bare after completing my Wolverine I decided to try and give a comic book feel by giving Wolverine speech bubbles and the ability to speak to the viewer, much like he does in the comics. In hindsight this was a tedious job, lettering isn’t as much fun as painting, lesson learned.
Once I got going with momentum I enjoyed this, the only part I really didn’t enjoy when looking upon the finished version is the way the speech boxes looked, but some people have commented that they do enjoy them so each to their own.
I hope you enjoy this, thanks for stopping by. M