Comic Inspired Collection 6 – The Crow


Acrylic on Canvas
500 X 400

Caliber Comic’s favourite soon ‘The Crow’ has turned into one of my favourites in my series of comic book inspired paintings. Like Wolverine this was started last year but I couldn’t decide on how the final design would look so its been parked for a while. Upon coming back I attacked the painting the same way I previously did the canvas for Summer Rain. Once the paint dribbles dried I started adding colours and definition for both the crow and the face I was going to use. In the comics and subsequent film adaptations the make up lines around the mouth and eyes comes and goes depending on the situation, as I felt it was more striking and because I recognise it from my own memories I kept the make up. I had to do the eyes blue so my painting was giving a nod to the comic books. As with my other Comic inspired paintings I have kept the stripes in the background which serve to add atmosphere and familiarity to painting, showing the colours the character is synonymous with – this worked particularly well in this painting as some of the red colour washing off the crow shape looks like blood (which could be the Crow’s suffering or even revenge). Similarly the white in the crow shape looks almost skeletal which I feel helps the feeling of the piece.
The painting adds to comic Inspired Collection and mixes things up from the standard DC and Marvel inspired characters completed so far, here you go readers, have a Caliber comic (anti) hero.
Thanks for stopping by. M