Summer Rain 2


Acrylic on canvas

600 x 600

WOW! This is my 70th blog post. Thanks for stopping by whether you are a first time visitor or you have been hanging around like a bad smell. I promise to post more blogs if you promise to keep popping on by. 🙂

Anyway, to the business end of things….

For anyone following my blog you’ve probably seen Summer Rain before as I painted it a few months ago, I painted a second larger version due to popular demand and interest. I’ve basically done exactly the same however this time I treated my canvas before I started with a gloss paint to give the background a sheen. I mixed a lot more colours this time because I really wanted to go to work on it properly, I knew the canvas was bigger so the thickness of the mixed paints to dribble was more important this time around. I tried adding my definition to the lovers under the umbrella as well as grassy silhouette for them to stand.
It’s a nice and simple design but it works well, hopefully this version will attract as many viewers as version 1 achieved for me.  Thanks for stopping by.  M