Blood moon over October woods

Blood Moon1

Acrylic on Canvas


500 x 400

Early in the month of October (2015) I challenged myself to paint something within a time limit of 2 hours, this is what I came up with; a lake (or swamp) visible through some seasonally dying October trees, basking in the glow of an unusual moon. I think at the time of paining this there was a lot of attention in the media being drawn to a blood moon that the UK was expecting and I wanted to paint my own version of what I thought something like this would look like before the event itself happened. As with my other paintings this is acrylic on canvas. I used techniques I’d being practising from guide books to pull/drag the colour of the moon into the water and then rippled it with palette knives and brushes. I also experimented with using just palette knives for the October trees to make them look raw and bare. I don’t think I’ll be selling this or hanging it in a gallery but it certainly was fun to practise techniques in a timed challenge and I would definitely challenge myself again in the future.

Blood Moon2