Finding love from darkness (Summer Rain Series)


Acrylic on Canvas


600 x 600 (x3)

OK, call me cheesy and mouth vomittingly loved up but if you’ve read my previous three posts you’ll know I have created a series or themed set of paintings based on Summer Rain 1 and Summer Rain 2. It’s true, “Sheltered from the Rain“, “Summer Rain 3” and “Alone in Rain” make up a lovely aesthetic and story when hung side by side (which they are at the moment in my living room). I’ve already talked about these on their own blogs posts so I won’t go into too much detail here for fear of repeating myself and boring my audience (if anybody actually reads these). All three paintings are acrylic on canvas, I’ve mainly used brushes but obviously the rain is thinned out paint dribbled down the canvas. For the love of Jeebus if you are going to do something like these make sure you cover your carpet (or the ground surface wherever you are painting). As well as the acrylic paint I have also used a bit of random coloured glitter to add to the colours of the rain, after giving some of the rain a light dusting of glitter I just let it dry and stick naturally so it didn’t look forced and just complimented the rain rather than making the glitter stand out as focal points. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them. See below for a handful of pictures from the series.