Summer Rain 3


Acrylic on Canvas


600 x 600

This is one of three paintings in a series inspired by Summer Rain and Summer Rain 2. I enjoyed creating the Summer Rain paintings that much that I came up with a concept to do similar paintings which would work alone, or together if hung on the same wall side by side. “Summer Rain 3” shows a silhouette of a couple in colourful rain. Unlike “Sheltered from the Rain” and “Alone in the Rain” this painting is not a silhouette in reverse, this one has a clear white background to make it feel less bleak and cold like the others because this is the happy outcome where two people who were in a dark place have finally found each other and happiness. As mentioned in my other two posts for this series I did take inspiration from my own life.


Summer Rain 3 is the happy outcome while the two paintings intended to accompany are the dark places we (my partner and I) were in before meeting in the happy middle painting. You can see the 3 paintings combined below – and for once these are on a wall in my house proudly displayed for all to see 🙂