Chard’s Escape

Acrylic on Canvas


Size: 500x500mm

39. Chard's Escape

I’d completely forgotten about this painting, and then out of the blue I was updating my blog and found a draft version that had never been published – shame on me.

I’m pretty certain I did this painting in 2014, it may have been 2013, either way it’s out of order with the rest of my posts.

A friend from work left the UK for New Zealand – the lucky sod. He’d found a better lifestyle, sun, sea, sand, surfing and BBQ’s. Before he left – and while counting down the weeks, he asked me to paint something bright to keep him going and motivated. The friend in question, Chard, gave me an overview of the type of picture he wanted but generally left the creativity to me. It didn’t take too long to paint this because I had a deadline to work too and had an image in my head that I thought would work. On presenting it to him, Chard was delighted. Both Chard and the painting emigrated to New Zealand where they are both living the life of bliss at the moment. I know that the painting definitely went with him as I received a photograph of it shortly after Chard had set up his house down under.

Update: Thanks to Mo for correcting me on Chard’s location, I wrongly put Australia instead of New Zealand – proving how bad a friend I am :O