Acrylic on canvas
Size: 220x300mm


Above: “RedPool”

Good evening people, it’s new painting time again and I’d like to introduce you to “RedPool”.

So, a bit of background on the painting. I recently visited another Comic-Con event with my missus, this one in Birmingham. While perusing the stalls we found lots of comicbook/superhero artwork, some was good and some was awful. Right there and then a challenge was set by the missus who reckoned I could do something similar if not better. When we got back home I sat down with my doodle book and what started as doodles eventually found itself being splattered in acrylic all over a blank canvas. I didn’t necessarily jump in at the deep end because my subject choice was Deadpool, a character I like and a character that I have painted before. I wanted to do something simple yet effective so so rather than look at the subject as whole I took and aspect of the character and I expanded it s little.
Using just Brilliant red, Titanium white and Mars black I attacked a smaller canvas than I usually use. Using just Deadpool’s eyes and the colours of the costume he wears I created the picture you see in this blog.

Check back in at my blog soon as “Blackpool” should be posted very soon. It’s not trillion miles away from “RedPool”, just spun differently.

Thanks for reading this and enjoy the painting.