Acrylic on canvas
Size: 220x300mm


Above: “BlackPool”

Good evening distracted bloggers, welcome to another new painting. If you checked out my previous painting then “BlackPool” should look familiar and the reason why I painted it should be clear too. Infact, if you haven’t checked out my previous blog “RedPool” then shame on you, finish checking out this page and then get over there – while you are at it why not rate the pages too, with the lovely little rating buttons provided.

This painting feels to me as if it’s darker than the last painting, somehow more menacing. That’s obviously strange as they are practically the same painting but for a change in colours. It’s amazing how the different colours make that happen. The black seems to frame the eyes a lot more, and the red looks more like blood stains than paint.

Well, I’ll leave you for now because you don’t need me to explain this anymore after reading my last blog. Be sure to check out my other paintings whole you are here, and enjoy.

Peace and Unity xx