Batman by the Joker

Acrylic on canvas + Glow in the dark enamel
Size: 220x300mm


Above: Batman by The Joker (by day)

Good evening and hello hello. Have you been keeping up with my recent blogs? If so you’ll know I’m on another comicbook inspired series of paintings. Here’s on which doesn’t need much explanation, it’s a Batman themed one, obviously. Much like the Deadpool inspired paintings I created recently I wanted to keep this Batman one simple but pleasing to the eye. I’ve used another messy/graffiti/splatter/stencil approach here but I’ve added a little twist. I’ve been experimenting with glow in the dark to give paintings a different look when viewed by day and night.


Above: The same painting, by night

As you can see from the above painting I’ve used a further splatter approach here with the glow in dark, and that’s actually how the name of this painting came about. The randomness made this glowing version of this painting look like something the Joker or one of his goons may have done: one quiet night in Gotham, one spray can filled with paint and toxins, and a bare wall.

If you like this painting be sure to check back very soon, I’ve nearly finished a darker, more evil, glowing painting and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying making it come to life. If I don’t get the glowing one completed soon, then there are more of these type of painting to complete and blog about

Thanks for checking in, see you soon. Mwah x