Bane of Humanity

Acrylic on canvas
Size: 220x300mm


Above: Full size picture of “Bane of Humanity”

“Bane of Humanity” is one of four Batman inspired paintings, this is the second I’ve finished, sorry if you were expecting a Joker painting next, I’m adding more to it still and it’s not quite ready, soon though.

I bought a pack of four canvases after a challenge by the missus to create something complex and simple but colourful and fun. The challenge was set at the Birmingham Comic-Con in March so obviously Comicbook inspired art was also included in the challenge.

For “Bane of Humanity” I’ve opted for the comic/cartoon luchador mask that Bane wears rather then the “Dark Knight” version that Tom Hardy wore. I’ve used 3 colours of (titanium) white, (Mars) black and red but within the red colour scale I used 3 types of red (crimson, brilliant red and vermillion). When preparing the paints I mixed the colours to different consistencies so some of it would dribble and splatter on the canvas. This helped me give the picture more depth as the Bane mask is fairly simple and straightforward. I liked the way the red of the eyes dribbles almost like blood as this reminds me that Bane broke the Bat. If you look hard enough at the eyes this is where you will see the variants of red, I was able to create depth with the shades of red and it also looked fun when they mixed and dribbled. The white of the mask is more the splatter style I went for in the main Batman painting I did previously.


Above: A close up of the eyes

If you’ve been following my blog you should have already seen “Batman by the Joker”. Next in line after “Bane of Humanity” is “The poisonous glow of the Joker”. I’ve also started a final Catwoman painting to complete the set of four paintings. Come back very soon and see what the four look like completed and all together.

Thanks for reading.