Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 220x300mm

Above: Meow, the Catwoman and her whip

Good evening fellow distracted bloggers, thanks for coming back, or if you are new here; welcome, please make grab a seat and make yourself comfy.

Presenting number 4 in my Batman/DC/splatter paintings, “Meow”. No prizes for guessing where the name for this one came from, it’s based on Catwoman. My version of Selina Kyle (Catwoman) is modelled on the portrayal Michelle Pfieffer gave us in Tim Burton’s second “Batman” films, although it could be one of many versions I guess. By my own admission I don’t enjoy looking at the women I paint, I always feel I’ve done something wrong or made them out of proportion. I’m quite pleased with what I have produced here but to be fair I copied the image straight from a Michelle Pfeiffer pose so it was more a case of being disciplined and steady with my brush. The colours used are all inspired by the various Catwomen from Lee Merriweather and Julie Numar, to Anne Hathaway in the more recent big screen version – if she tied her her back or had it under a mask/helmet/hood. I used a pearlescent additive to make the colours I used all appear to shine, hopefully giving the impression that it could almost be close to leather. Using a purple paint to represent early costumes also helped to keep the background and foreground separate. This helped the white and black for the splatter stand out more and also helped to allow the figure and whip to take the main attention when seeing the painting. The interesting thing about this painting is actually the eyes, I’ve continued with my recent use of glow in the dark paint on these so like the previous Joker and Batman paintings I’ve done so they come to life in the dark. I only wanted the eyes to glow so that it looked like a cat in the dark would look like if you caught a glimpse of it in the moonlight or a car headlight.
Above: The eyes of the cat, glowing in the dark

Does this painting have a hidden meaning? Of course not, I painted it because I liked it and felt like it. If you want to read into this or any of my other paintings be my guest.

Next on the cards is something completely different, I’ll come back to painting superheroes, villains and comic inspired material soon but for now I’ve got a few commissions on the go thanks to you wonderful people who have looked at my paintings and gotten in touch. I’m going to be painting a cartoon dragon for a couple of friends having their first baby, then I’ll be creating some more Summer Rain paintings for an old friend. If you have any challenges or requests for me please get in touch and while you are listening I’d love to read feedback so use the voting buttons and and write me a message.

I hope you enjoy the Catwoman I have given you here, thanks for stopping by and reading/looking.