4 Flash tattoos in stripes

Acrylic on canvas
4 x 230×300


Above: 4 canvases together

Painted last year this set of canvases never ended up on my blog, well now it’s time to change that and get them online, sorry for the delay.

Using the stripey style I have developed in previous paintings I went a step further and and created a set which had old school flash tattoo designs amongst the uniformity of stripes. Picking which flash tattoos to use wasn’t hard to be honest, I just opted for the most common ones I know from my own experience in tattoo studios. These canvases can be viewed as a set and  they also work well as standalone pieces.

For the background stripe colouring I opted for skin-like tones and shades, it just felt right using those colours when painting canvas tattoos for the foreground images.

These were fun to paint and I hope you enjoy looking at them.


Above: Swallow


Above: Anchor


Above: Sacred Heart


Above: Flaming Dice

Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog, come back soon for more. 🙂

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