Open Mic

Acrylic on canvas


Above: Open Mic

Welcome back to my distracted blog. This time I’ve got a retro microphone for you, for which the inspiration came about late one night out of nowhere. I found myself doodling a retro microphone shape, mainly in silhouette at the time. Because I was doodling on black paper with a white pain the effect didn’t take long before the doodle came to life as if at a performance on stage. I transferred the doodle to canvas and kept going till I my girlfriend pleaded at me to stop before I went too far and regretted it, she’s right, I do have a tendency to regret updates I sometimes apply.


Above: A closer look at the abstract lighting

There’s more of an abstract aesthetic to the lights shining orange spotlights onto the microphone. I applied lots of various layers of colour, including an iridescent mixer to give them no particular uniformity. The microphone on the other hand has a lot more detail on it to give depth against the abstract lighting.


Above: A closer look at the microphone

This has been a fun distraction, I’ve have some commissioned paintings to start soon so this felt like a nice warm-up and practise. Come back soon to see what the paintings are. Thanks for reading and please rate this page and perhaps provide feedback via the comments box.
See you later 🙂


Above: Open Mic, with slightly more light creeping in while taking the photo

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