Acrylic on Canvas


(3 x) 250 x 250


Above: The 3 small canvases laid next to each other


Hi guys and gals, welcome back to my distracted blog. A lot has happened over the last month, the most significant bit of news to share is that I’m selling my art now, or more to the point, my art is being sold in a shop. If you happen to go down to Dagfields Art & Craft centre have a look for Jayelle Butterfly Crafts, in there Jenny, the lovely shop proprietor is displaying and selling my art work. Inspired by that bit of good news I just had to paint some butterflies for her, it only seemed right. So I started out with 3 small canvases and got to work with one of my favourite splatter/spray techniques. What you can see in the pictures on this blog page is the result of that splat-attack.

Because the canvases were so small I mainly went with sharp metallic and neon colours so that the butterflies would stand out. I kept the butterflies mainly in silhouette because I felt that the intensity of the colours was enough, butterflies are pretty but I wanted the viewers eyes to be drawn to the background, which when looking at butterflies wouldn’t be the norm. To finish the canvases I attacked them with glitter – who doesn’t like glitter!!

If you want a close up of these butterflies or perhaps you want to buy them for yourself get down to Jenny at Jayelle in Dagfields – but make sure you come back to my blog for more fun paintings. Until next time, you’ve been distracted by paintings which distracted me. See you soon. 🙂




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