Haunted House

Acrylic on Canvas


300 X 300


Above: The painting as it appears by day (left) and as it appears glowing in the dark (right)

Who doesn’t love a haunted house?? Ok, there are possibly some people who don’t like haunted houses but I’m not one of those people. This painting wasn’t initially going to be haunted house, truth be told it wasn’t until I started messing around with glow in the dark paint that I decided what was going on the canvas. Instead of preparing the canvas with gesso or any other standard art material I decided to attack it with glow in the dark paint, I got it into my head that the canvas would absorb the paint and then anything I painted over the top of the background primer would stand out. After seeing what a blank canvas looked like glowing in the dark I instantly knew that I was going to try and paint a haunted house on the canvas.

Due to the bold glow feature of the painting I tried keeping other colours I was going to use to a minimum, for these reason there are only really a few other colours; a metallic purple colour for the sky, green glow in the dark neon for the eyes of the cat and the owl, and a pearly cream colour for the stars in the night sky.

I enjoyed being distracted by this painting and it offered different amounts of fun painting by day and painting by night. Like some of my other recent distractions this is available at Jayelle Butterfly Crafts @ Dagfields craft centre so if you want a closer look or are interested in buying it get in touch with shop owner Jenny via their facebook page.

Thanks for reading this distraction and come back soon for more 🙂