Walk in the park

Acrylic on Canvas


500 x 600mm

Hi, and welcome back to my blog. I’ve got a couple of paintings on the go at the moment, while the main ones aren’t ready yet to share, I can share this side project painting. It came about as something to do while waiting for other canvases to dry and was a fairly quick painting to complete. Let me introduce you to “Walk in the park”, an abstract construct of two people going for a slow walk through a park while dusk set in.
What does the painting mean? Nothing, it was just something to do to pass the time. If you want to read into it then be my guest.

I was conscious about not having a lot of details on the people in the painting, I wanted it to be more abstract than detailed. If anything I would have preferred a lot less definition on the people but I was conscious that the light from the streetlamp would show up some details so I probably fell into the trap of continuing when maybe I should have stopped and put my brushes down. I like painting sky and the variation of colours so I had a lot of fun trying to create something that looked like daylight was on it’s way out to be replaced but the night sky. I used the technique I learned in “Jessica’s dragon” to add some stars into the night sky. I used an old card which was just laying around to try and create a little bit of definition on the path, simply scraping over the paint I had applied to make it look like paving slaps or bricks. Pearlescent paint was used on the streetlamp to make give a glow to the light.

Rather than continue writing about the painting I’ll stop here and just let you enjoy (hopefully) the finished canvas. Be sure to come back soon for more distracting blogs.