Bird on a branch


Hiya, since my last post painting took a bit of a back seat to life, so apologies if you came to this blog and was expecting more regular posts. The good news is that I have got a few paintings to share, I have a few nearly finished acrylic paintings and I have a few watercolours to share too. Most of my other blogs have featured acrylic paintings so watercolour was something new, and something I hadn’t really done since I was about 10 years old. I’m finding it a challenge and fun. 

Watercolour is more delicate which is something I still need to play around with. I’m a little heavy handed and tend to go too bold with my colours, I need to discipline myself to stop sooner. 

This painting, “Bird on a branch” is a nice simple place to start. With wet paper I blended the background and let it dry. Then I used mars black on dry paper to paint the foreground subject  

I actually don’t mind this painting at all, and this being my first new new foray into watercolour, it inspired me to try other things. Come back soon and check my other attempts.