Cabin and Northern lights


Hola, welcome back

As I set out to practise more watercolours I decided to try the Northern lights. I didn’t really have a final painting in mind so I kind of ad-libbed this one a bit. I learned a lesson about using darker colours first, which is that I shouldn’t do it that way, lighter colours first! 

I started by painting the sky on dry paper (also something I’ve realised isn’t necessarily the required approach for watercolour!). Dark sky first but leaving enough space to get the glowing wiggles with some bright greens. I blended them together and hey presto, it looked like movement of colours in the sky. I feel I did the foreground too high in the painting and that left  me a challenge of what to put in. I tried to stay minimal with a few trees in a snowy surrounding with just a cabin, and some water. I’m not too overly keen on the reflection in the water but it still fits in with the painting. As I was using bold colours on dry paper the painting looks cartoony, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I personally don’t like it that much. But practise makes perfect, or less critical anyway, I’ll keep tryingout watercolours too and hopefully I can improve. 🙂 

Hope to see you at my next post.