Mixed media Butterflys

Acrylic, 2016, 600 x 500

This distraction is a practise with mixed media. So, acrylic paint, fabric, sticky paper, glue, glitter….. would it work? You can the judge of that readers, I just know it was random practise just for fun, and just for the hell of it.

The butterfly’s are made from fabric that I liberated from my girlfriend sewing/crafting box. I glued them on and decorated them with ink. The shiny grass is sticky back decorative paper. The petals on the flowers is mainly card, the exception being the puffy flowers on the right, they are taken from an old ordinance survey map and stuck on using glitter paint. It all sounds a bit messy and in truth it was, but it was also a lot of fun. I will probably do more experiments like this in the future. Check back soon to see what happens!! 🙂