Summer Rain Commission 


2016, Acrylic, 500x500mm (x3 canvases)


Recently I’ve been distracted by painting a commission, or three of them to be specific. I was contacted by an old school friend that I hadn’t seen since 1996 on instagram asking about the possibility of some paintings. I’ve gotta be honest, at first I was a bit wary about doing it, but after a lot of discussion with my girlfriend it became obvious that it was my own self-doubt standing in my way. She convinced me that I could and should take up the commission, so I did, and I enjoyed it.

After taking a brief from my friend about the painting I was full of enthusiasm to make a start, fortunately for me I have done a very similar set of paintings so the design stages were fairly quick to get through. The paintings show a couple of lovers, and their dogs meeting, having spent time alone in the dark. Apart from the people, the umbrella and the tree the new addition and the challenge was painting convincing dogs that would be infitting with the general look and feel of the rest. I don’t have a dog to hand so Google images became a good friend.

The main aesthetic throughout the paintings is the paint running down the canvases like rain. As this is messy and time consuming it made sense to do the paintings simultaneously. I sharpened up the characters depicted through to process of drubbing wet paint down the canvases. Once done I went crazy and started to add textures. For the ground beneath the people I mixed sand gel with paint.To compliment the rain I used clear liquid glass on the tips of some of the rain, this gave the impression that the canvas genuinely was wet. Finally, to add texture to the subjects and the objects I used different thickness of acrylic paint to give a finishing sharpen. The final product looks slightly different depending on what angle you look at them and how far away you are from them.


I’ve really enjoyed doing these 3 paintings and I’m so glad that my friend got in touch with me to start of with. I’m also glad I listened to my girlfriend and took up the challenge (don’t tell her I said that). I hope my friend likes the paintings and that he doesn’t regret asking me to paint them. During our communications he inspired me with his patience, and understood that creativity is best when it’s fun and therefor time was not an issue. I’m keeping that inspiration in the back of my mind to set me on my way to do more of the paintings that I enjoy rather than paintings because they’re safe, or because they might sell one day.

Thanks for reading and come back soon for more distractions.