Rain at High noon

5c96b63b-fb00-4a19-885b-27adc4adde362017, Acrylic on canvas, 225 x 300

Alreet, welcome back. Continuing on from the recent batch of ‘Summer Rain’ paintings I have done (check them out… Summer Rain, Summer Rain 2, Summer Rain 3, Summer Rain Commission, A Nanny in the rain, Singing in the Rain, and A Duel in the Rain) I am pleased to bring you a slight variation, “Rain at High noon”.

I’m enjoying the Summer Rain series as it allows me to produce something beautiful and colourful with minimal effort while having lots of messy fun. It also offers the potential to create a slight juxtaposition with images, while the silhouette and foreground image is stark and black the colour produced by the running rain makes the general feel of the canvas more upbeat and playful. I’ve got plenty more images in mind to play around with so there will be more Summer Rain-esque canvases coming soon. This particular S.R. painting is more akin to the last one I made – A Duel in the Rain – because it gives a confrontation within the colourful vortex of the rain. Typically the gun fight or sword fight would end in bloodshed or death so to have this situation brought to life by a magnitude of technicolour paint makes it less daunting.

Come back soon to see what else I can make with the Summer Rain style, I’ve got at least 3 more canvases at various stages of completion using similar techniques but having more of play and experiment with it. Hopefully I’ll like those as much as I do this one.

Thanks for reading and come back soon for another distraction. 🙂