Exorcism in the rain

2017, Acrylic on canvas, 250 x 300


Welcome back, I’m on a bit of a roll with blogging and new paintings, here’s my 5th new painting of the new year. If you’ve seen my recent blogs you’ll notice that I’ve used the same dribbling paint style as before – yay, its a themed collections of painting’s, like what a real painter might do.
So, to go along with the Summer Rain paintings, the Nanny in the rain, Duel in the rain, Rain at High Noon, Singing in the Rain…. (have I forgotten one?) and more rain based paintings, here is Exorcism in the rain.

I’ve used the image of the priest approaching the house where he is due to perform an exorcism, in William Friedkin’s film adaption of the William Peter Blatty book, ‘The Exorcist’. I thought this was a nice image to use for inspiration, having done film studies previously I know that the poster art is deep and meaningful despite being fairly simple. I wondered how it would look with the mixture of multi coloured rain in the background, and how much of a juxtaposition it may create.
The finished article is surprisingly difficult to give justice to on a photo. I’ve used iridescent medium within the background so there is a different shimmer depending on the angle. There is also glow in the dark paint on the light of the lamppost which will give a different feel to the painting when the lights are off.

wp_20170124_22_06_26_rich-2 wp_20170124_21_58_40_rich

(Above: Left shows the painting as lights go down, Right shows the painting in the dark)

It’s strange, while the rain imprisons the the subject in normal lighting, the glow in dark element kind of free’s everything in the dark. Another thing I’ve noticed is how much the backgrounds colours give a totally different feel than on the other paintings’ I’ve done lately, maybe not as drab as A wash with emotion, but certainly not as camp as Singing in the rain.

Anyway, I’m not really doing this painting thing to talk about deep and meaningful imagery, its just a bit of fun so I’ve probably written too much on this blog already. I’m off, thanks for checking out this distraction. Come back soon. 🙂