Raining Jaws

2017, Acrylic on canvas, 250 – 300

Hiya, welcome back. This painting is an extension of the previous Summer Rain pictures I’ve done – for a catch up check my paintings index page where I’ve grouped them to make it easy for you.

While I was painting one of my last canvases late one night I had background accompaniment from the TV, some freeview channel was playing “Jaws”. That’s where my inspiration to do this canvas came from, I wondered if I could get away with using the Summer Rain style with the movie poster.

The water is the standard dribbled paint I’ve been doing this year, I used various loud shades of blue, occasionally mixed with iridescent paint to keep the blues interesting. The shark is a simple iridescent mixture because I wanted it to shimmer like the water would. Doing the sky served a bit of a problem at first, I didn’t want the paint to just rain into. I tried being creative to satisfy my discontent for the sky by dribbling the paint across the canvas rather than just up or down it. I’ve kept the swimmer as silhouette black so it matches the sharks mouth, and to make it fit with my other recent paintings. Like the other ones too, I’ve used a bit of glow in the dark paint on the sharks teeth.


Above: Glow in the dark teeth, in full effect 
Above: A video showing how the glow in the dark would work from light to dark

My hope was that with the contrast of the sky, the shark, the swimmer and the mouth – the canvas may have a different visual in dusk or darkened rooms. I wanted the glow in the dark to give the painting a little more of an edge. I finished off the painting with some liquid glass paint to make it look wet and add extra shimmer. If you are wondering how I got the skin tone on the shark itself, I used some watercolour, but washed down with a lot of water to make it run.

Above: (1) Shows how the glow in the dark paint gives a 3D texture due to drying thicker than the paint. (2) Shows a cross-hatch Summer Rain technique used for the sky. (3) A closer look at the swimmer and the Summer Rain style water.


Above: A closer look at the sharks mouth and the watercolour used to make him look more camouflaged in the sea.

Come back soon for more, there are two more canvases in started states to keep me going. Who knows, I might do an actual painting again soon rather than just these random Summer Rain style paintings. See you soon and thanks for reading.