Ink Butterfly 

Ink on canvas



Hello, again – it feels like I’ve had creative diarrhoea this month but the truth is I’ve had a turbulent few months of change and haven’t been able to post all my distractions/paintings/blogs as regularly as I probably should have. Anyway, excuses aside, this distraction is ink on canvas. 

I received some inks for my birthday off my partners lovely mother, any gift of creativity is wonderful so that was great. With trepidation I eventually plucked up the courage to try the ink on canvas. I wanted something simple and delicate to test myself and the medium out and I settled on a butterfly. Butterfly’s have a wonderful array of colour and beauty. 

I penciled my design and quickly set about adding some colour, letting water on the canvas do a lot of the work for me. Once I was happy with the colour I wanted to juxtapose the delicate colours with some brash and messy black lines. Once done I took advise from my girlfriend who always tells me to step back and remember ‘less is more’ (admittedly I do have a habit of overworking paintings). 

I’m happy with the final product, it’s nearly exactly what I had in mind. This painting, as well as some other recent creations will soon be on display and sale at Jayelle Butterfly Crafts shop at Dagfields. 

I hope you like the painting as much as I do, thanks for reading, and most definitely – come back soon for more! 

Later alligators!