Loch Tarff – Watercolour 

Watercolour on canvas paper



Hiya. This time I’ve been distracted by watercolour, canvas paper, and nature’s beauty.

In February 2017 I went on a mini break to Scotland for my birthday, staying not too far away from Loch Ness so that I could do some monster hunting and general adventuring. Whilst visiting I took some lovely photos of the scenery around the Loch’s, mountains and town’s and cities. It has to be said, Scotland has some absolutely beautiful places, especially the closer you get to nature and away from civilization. It snowed on my birthday which made travel difficult, but once the snow had settled it complemented the beautiful natural scenery. I stumbled across Loch Tarff which was already beautiful without snow but with snow there was something mesmerising about it. The Loch’s near perfect reflection of mountains in the distance was beautiful. The site was almost made for taking a photo as a dead tree clung to the banks right in front of me giving a haunting but pleasing view. The water on the Loch was a perfect pale mirror of everything.

Anyway, I’ve been practising watercolour and I decided to make this photo and memory into my inspiration. I took a lot of beautiful pictures at the various Loch’s so it’s highly likely that I use more of them for inspiration to practise.

Watercolour is unforgiving so it took a lot of patience, working from the lighter colours to eventually add detail with darker colours. I wasn’t that used to the paper I used, canvas paper, so extra care was warranted. The trick was patience, letting things dry before moving on, and a light touch. It was fun and I’m happy with the output, although I know that the more watercolour I practise the more likely I’m going to be able to create something better. I just look at other people’s watercolour work and I’m in awe. I shouldn’t be as tough on myself though, after all, I’m learning on the fly and the final output isn’t ghastly. It’s gonna be fun seeing where this distraction takes me in time.

Thanks for reading. Come back soon.