Sparkly butterflies in acrylic

Acrylic on Canvas



Hi folks and welcome back. This week I’ve been distracted by more butterflies. 

On this occasion I’ve used acrylic paint rather than the ink which I used for my last post. I enjoyed my last paintings simplicity and I wanted to bring that into this painting too, rather than go into too much detail I’ve used cartoonish silhouettes for the main subjects. These sit on a simple but colourful background to make them stand out more. One of the acrylic paints I’ve used on the butterflies and flowers is a glitter based, this gives a sparkly effect in certain angles of perspective. 

This painting, and others, are available for sale at Jayelle Butterfly Crafts shop at Dagfields in Staffordshire. 

My next distractions include ink drawings, more acrylic, some upcycling projects and also some pyrography. Come back soon to see these distractions. Thanks for reading folks.