Planters from tyres

In 2017 I decided to make some planters for flowers using up-cycled tyres. It’s really easy and in most cases the only thing you’d need to pay for is the paint and perhaps the flowers.

I went on ebay and found people offering old and worn tyres for free as long as they were collected. Once I had them home I just had to clean them up. Once they were clean and dry I applied waterproof. After leaving them to allow the apint to dry I then built small bases to stop soil leaking out of the bottom of the tyres. Once them were all complete all I had to do was add soil and plant some flowers. In order to keep costs down I went to the local garden centre and chose from the flowers which were out of season which were being sold off for less then 50 pence. From there just add sunshine and rain and wait for the flowers to bloom.