Ninja Toast (Vs The Dirty Kitchen) 

This might be a bit random and unexpected, but, I wrote a book – kind of. Let’s clear this up straight away so you don’t think I’m a literary author. The book in question is a self published ebook, it’s less than 50 pages so it’s hardly an epic, and it’s filled with colourful pictures because it’s mainly aimed at kids 3 years old upwards. 

Why did you write it I hear you ask? Well I wrote it because friends and family were having children and this was my way of doing something to connect with them ever so slightly. I wrote a first draft and read it to a friends son called Dylan, he liked it. So I refined it and aimed it at my nephew BJ (William) and he liked it too. After that I left the book idea alone and didn’t touch it again thinking it stupid and irrelevant. That is until a friend at work, Tash, started nagging me to do something with the book. She got in touch with my missus who joined in the nagging. She in turn told her mum, who threatened to withhold cake from me if I didn’t do something with the book concept. So, by putting the story on Amazon I’m doing something with it and keeping 3 ladies happy. 
The idea of Ninja Toast is something which was born during drunken nights at university scribbling and doodling with friends. I can’t take credit for its invention alone but I was present and I loved the idea so it stayed dormant with me for ages. The idea was born during a time when Internet wasn’t as mainstream and widespread, I’m sure other drunkards could have come up with the idea, but I had no way of checking. 

The story has Ninja Toast as it’s central character, it’s up to him to learn how to clean the kitchen which is being threatened by unsavoury bad guys who have turned bad. 

The drawings are all done by my own fair hand. I used pen and Indian ink. It isn’t a medium I have used much and I quickly learned that it’s very unforgiving. Because I was self publishing this I used the ink drawings and scanned them into my computer before adding words to the pictures using available software. I’d already created the story before doing the pictures, I’d used my best rhyming too so there was a flow to story which would be appealing to my audience. After doing this and having the small story published it is definitely something I’d try my hand at again.

Why not check out Ninja Toast on Amazon, click here to be magically transported, or if you’d prefer… copy the below website address into your browser:

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon 🙂