Day and Night in the life of a tree

Acrylic on canvas

300 x 225

OK, OK, OK… I suggested I’d be mainly doing watercolours for a while. I was wrong, yes this is acrylic, but you forgive me, right?

There isn’t much I can say about this painting, I just wanted to do a day and night painting of a tree. I’d seen other people doing “now and then” photos showing a picture from 2010 and one form 2020. I decided I could do something similar using paints. Instead of being separated by 10 years, I went for 10 hours. During daylight, birds use the tree as a base. At night, the tree sees bat’s.

I enjoyed doing this and I like how bold and vibrant its comes out.

Thanks for reading and thanks for getting distracted by another one of my paintings.

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