Oil slick in A Major

Acrylic on Canvas

225 x 300 (x2)

This is an acrylic painting, or two to be more specific. I know that I said in my last post that I wanted to learn watercolour techniques, but I also wanted to have a play around using a messy acrylic technique that I’d seen online. The idea was that I splatter and dribble lots of paint on a canvas, and then let gravity or a well-directed hair drier, do the work to spread the paint out. The patterns produced should look mesmerising… notice the word “should” in that sentence.

Unbeknown to me (at the time), the technique I’d seen started with a specially primed canvas, which helped spread the paint. I didn’t know that, I just made sure my canvas was soaking wet through before splattering paint on it. The technique I was trying to replicate was a Dutch pour, or Dutch acrylic paint pouring. Another mistake I made was using conventional acrylic paint that wasn’t mixed down or thinned out – it turns out in hindsight that the example I’d seen had special thin acrylic paint. When I say that used conventional acrylic paint that’s actually more of a half truth, I used whatever acrylic based paint I could find in my cupboard, that included modelling paint, crafting paint, household paint, and even glow in the dark paint – which you’ll see in the photos below.

Despite all the things I didn’t know or didn’t do I’ve definitely learned some lessons for next time I try this – and despite making mistakes along the way, I don’t actually mind the way these turned out. So, less Swedish Chef style throwing things at a canvas next time – but hey, it was still fun!

Thanks for reading this distraction.