Tunstall tenfoot

21cm x 13cm watercolour sketchbook

Watercolour and ink, random back street – well, not as much random as filthy and dirty back street.

Back to watercolour and ink/pen practise after a recently trip back in working with acrylic paint and a failed Dutch pour. I found some random pictures on Facebook from around my local town, Tunstall (in Stoke-on-Trent), that I liked the look of. I like the idea of painting things locally, so after narrowing down my options I opted to paint one of the more gloomier photos I’d found. It showed a random cobbled back street in Tunstall, illuminated by only a dimly lit streetlight.

While I aimed at doing watercolour and pen, or ink and wash, I fell into the usual pitfalls – I overworked some areas in an attempt to try hard to make it look authentic. As I’ve said before, ink and wash tends to be soft and light touch. I have a habit of overworking and being heavy handed. This is something I am going to work on going forward, expect (hopefully) to see some improvement there. In the meantime, I still kind of like this as a random watercolour to fill another page in my watercolour sketchbook.

Thanks for reading this. Hope to distract you back soon.

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