Western landscape with sunrise

21cm x 13cm watercolour sketchbook

2020 has started positively and I have finally picked up my paintbrushes again. This year I wanted to learn something new, so I’ve aimed at watercolours, watercolour and pen, and a bit of ink and wash. This is my first attempt in 2020 at one of those techniques. This barren landscape with it’s nice big sunrise is watercolour and ink, done in a pen and wash style.

While I aimed at pen and wash for this I found that my biggest problem was how heavy handed I am. I struggle to know when to step away from some paintings I do, until it’s too late. I tend to keep going until it’s clear to me that I can see what I’m getting at, or what colour I am going for. Pen and wash techniques don’t tend to need that level of repetition and depth, it’s light, it’s feathered touches, it’s colours that are muted rather than bold. This is something I’m hoping to learn as I try to fill up my watercolour sketchbook. I guess we’ll see.

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