Evil Ash

13cm x 21cm watercolour sketchpad

Another watercolour from February that I’ve finally got around to posting on my blog, “Evil Ash”. I started this late one night with the idea of combining my love of horror films, with my love of painting. I only wanted to do something really quick so I decided on a silhouetted painting. A silhouette feels like a bit of a cheat to me at times as it allows me to add a subject into a painting without going into too much detail, but it actually felt like the right thing to do when I considered using moonlight in the background.

After making an initial sketch and inked it up before painting, as seen in the photos above and below. From there on in I started adding watercolour paints. I tried to be light but the more I applied the more I figured that, on this occasion, it didn’t matter about being heavy handed.

There isn’t much more to say about the painting, it was only supposed to be a quickie to make sure I did something at least once a week, no matter what it was. The thing that peaked my interest a little more is when I randomly started doodling lines in the background with waterproof pen to make it look like stained glass. I didn’t start off with that in mind, it kind of just happened, but when I got into the swing of it, I was actually quite pleased with the results. I guess my thinking was that the colours were that bright in the sky that I wanted to change things up – also the image of Ash from ‘The Evil Dead’ is widely known, so by mixing it up a little, at least I could be a bit more original.

That’s it for now. Why not come and get distracted by another painting that’s filling my practise pad soon. I’m posting a lot at the moment because I’ve painted a lot and not blogged them, so I am sure that on your next visit you’ll find something new here.

See you soon.