Just a tree

21cm x 13cm watercolour sketchbook

In my previous blogs I’ve mentioned that I’ve handed my notice in at work. Before I left I had to acknowledge one of my favourite trees that I see on an almost daily basis. Yep, a tree. Yep, I probably have issues if trees appeal to me.

The tree in question sits alone in a farmers field. The ground near it is usually sodden – its actually appeared slightly flooded with the rain that’s greeted 2020 so far. The tree is old enough to look gnarled, and it offers up some fun shapes.

I decided that I’d take a photo of the tree, and if possible, commit it to my watercolour sketchpad. Well I did just that, I managed to take a photo of it from the classroom I’d usually teach in. I also managed to sneak into the field on a dinner break, to take some preliminary sketches. In painting it I used watercolours and pen. Like before I didn’t manage to pen and wash it, too heavy handed again. What I did do though, is get a fairly accurate representation, and fill another page in my sketchbook that I can call practise. As such, this painting of tree has been a watercolour practise distraction.

Below you can see a side by side comparison of the real tree, and my interpretation of it in watercolour.

Thanks for letting this blog post distract you for a moment, hopefully you’ll come back for more soon. X

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