13cm x 21cm watercolour sketchbook

Continuing with the watercolour practise, I decided to watch a few online tutorials to improve myself. A lot of people seemed to be demonstrating how to paint lighthouses. So, after looking at a few photos of lighthouses online I found one that I wanted to paint too. My aim with this was to try and use a lighter touch when applying the paints – something I’d struggled with so far.

I started with the sky. Something I’ve learned about getting a good fluid sky is wetting the paper first then applying the watercolour wash. This lets the paint mix and blend on the paper. Rather than wetting the entire background I left some parts dry with the hope that these dry parts would remain as hints of (happy) clouds. Ideally the paint that was blending would find a dry spot and stop moving. Once the background had dried I took a small wet blending brush and mixed them a little more.

The foreground was a little different, I wanted more defined colours and shapes there so I applied the paints directly to dry paper. The only time I deviated away from this was when colouring the lighthouse and the grass in the foreground. I went back to applying the paint on lightly wet paper.

Once all the painting has been done. I started using a waterproof lining pen to finalise the piece.

Out of all the recent paintings I’d done, I was particularly happy with this. I felt that I’d managed to use a slightly lighter touch on the paper, and the final result matched the image that I had in mind (and that I had saved as a photo on my tablet by my side). Perhaps being distracted by a tutorial video before painting was a good idea, perhaps being patient and letting myself get distracted with something else while the paint dried was was also a good idea. Either way these are things that I will bear in mind.

I’m actually quite chuffed.

Thanks for reading, come back soon. X

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