Moonlit landscape

13cm x 20cm watercolour sketchbook

Another day, another watercolour painting. It might seem that I’m posting lots of blogs on the same day, therefore being super productive. I truth I’m just catching up with a backlog of paintings that I have posted online yet. I did this one back at the end of January.

To start off with I used masking tape all around the sides of the watercolour sketchbook so that, hopefully, the final product would be framed.

To get the background I applied paint to a wet page in my sketchbook, that way the paint would mix and blend on the paper. I used a small blending brush to pull the colours through one another. It was important to start with some of the lighter colours and add the darker colours once the lighter ones were almost dry.

I started the mountains in the distance once the background had dried. I applied a deep blue to dry paper, but then pulled a wet blending brush down to make them seem hazy and less bold. You can probably see that towards the base of the blue mountains they are lighter – that was the water doing the work, washing some of the bold blue down the page.

Once dry I started the immediate foreground, the ground, the bushes and the trees. They were all done on dry paper, it was only the bush that was watered down a little to make it appear textured and give it depth.

The finishing touches were the stars and the moon. I used the brightest white I could find. I’ve seen people use splatter for stars – flicking paint from a paintbrush or even a toothbrush. I actually used a nail painting tool. I just dotted the page randomly.

I quite like the way the final picture turned out, it looks a little like something you’d find on a hand-made greeting card. I think the framing around the picture really helped with that.

I’d love to hear what you thought, but in the meantime, thanks for being distracted and reading this. Hope to see you back again soon. 🙂