Tunstall Park clock tower

13cm x 21cm watercolour sketchbook

Another painting from February that I’m late in blogging about.

This was a time-limit painting challenge. I gave myself one hour, and the aim was to paint something close by. I opted to do quick version of the clock tower in the local park. To use proper names, it’s Adams clock tower in Tunstall Park.

Adams clock tower, Tunstall Park.

I did a quick initial sketch and then set about using a watercolour wash and pen technique.

I feel as though I’ve done better paintings, but I have to be realistic, this was a challenge after all, and I managed it. I will do more quick challenges as I carry in practising, while it felt uncomfortable at the time, hindsight has taught me that it’s a good way of not over thinking and spending too long in things. Also, out of all the paintings I’ve done of late where I tried unsuccessfully to do pen and wash, this is probably the closest to achieving it.

That’s it for now. Check back soon. I’ve still got a lot of paintings from February to post on my blog, I’d have done it sooner but I was distracted by painting, so this is really the first time I’ve had availability to get online with them. Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon. X