Accidental cherry blossom

13cm x 21cm watercolour sketchbook

This painting from February started as an accident, my sketchbook had some splashes of pink paint. To make sure I didn’t waste the page I turned the splashes into a tree.

I’ve actually seen some similar paintings where artists have done things like this intentionally, so to achieve something like the examples I’ve seen by fluke makes me happy.

To make sure any new paint I applied stayed near the preexisting accidental paint I masked the edges of my sketchpad. I then mixed up a pink colour that was close to, but slightly darker than, what was already on the page.

For the trunk of the tree I used a dark brown but made sure it was really wastered down when I applied it to the paper. The trick then was just doing a few layers of the brown where I wanted the bark to be darker or more textured.

In total there are just two colours on the page, they are just wastered down to different levels to make it look like shades of the colours.

I actually quite like this painting. It’s simple and delicate, but I think it looks effective too. My partner said it looks like something you’d see on a posh greeting card, so hopefully she won’t be too surprised when she gets a card with this on it for her birthday 😀

I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this, so if you have enjoyed this distraction why not leave a comment at the bottom of the page.