Bamburgh Castle

21cm x 13cm watercolour sketchbook

Following on from my previous blog, showing a small painting of Lindisfarne Castle, here is another one from Northumberland; Bamburgh Castle.

Bamburgh (or Bebbanburg – if you are fan of ‘Vikings’ or ‘The Last Kingdom’) Castle, is one of the finest castles in the UK, and a jewel in the Northumberland. It’s one of my top 5 castles in the UK. Of course I was going to paint it sometime after having visited.

This painting is another one of those quick painting challenges, I allowed myself 2 hours to do this. The last time I did a painting challenge I allowed myself just 1 hour, I added an extra hour this time to account for drying time. I aimed at using ink and wash which for the most part worked. It only failed a little bit with the bold foreground colours. In hindsight I didn’t mix them down as much as I should have so they aren’t as washy as I would have liked.

When the time limit came about, and then after letting the painting dry, I was happy with the results that had been achieved. I absolutely could have done better, or more detail, if it wasn’t a timed challenge, but it was, so hey-ho.

This painting is another one from February that I’m just getting around to posting on my blog. Come back soon as I’ve got plenty more to get online. Thanks for reading and being distracted by this whole thing. Hope to see you soon.