Boat on the beach

21cm x 13cm watercolour sketchbook

Painted back in February, this is a painting I enjoyed doing, and one that I actually like looking at too. I’m not often fond of all the paintings I do back I do like this one.

I knew I wanted to paint something to do with the seaside, I didn’t know what though. I scowered the internet and found lots of random pictures but ended up settling on one I that I found on a random photo site. While I found the image on Google I must admit that I can see a watermark on the photo so before I continue, credit to ‘fine art America’ for a lovely photo.

I started by roughly doodling the boat into my sketchpad, it took me few attempts before I was happy due to the angle of the boat. I eventually got there.

When I was ready to do some painting I started with the background. I blended some colours into into areas that I’d wet first. That allowed the colours to mix on the page. I also used a small fanned blending brush to pull the colours a bit too. The foreground was tricky; lots of sand and lots of pebbles. I tried not to focus on every granular detail and just concentrate on some of the bigger things, using shades of colour to add depth. The boat was the last thing to add, I tried lots of different colours on my palette before finding a shade of weathered wood I liked.

Like I said at the start of this post, this painting is one I really like. When I started practising watercolour I never imagined I’d do something as simple yet appealing as this painting. I’d go as far as saying that I’d happy frame this painting and put it on a wall at home – which is not something I’d normally openly want to do.

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