Caernarfon Castle

13cm x 21cm Watercolour sketchbook

This painting shows a view from one of the windows in Caernarfon Castle. The view from the window was done using pen and wash watercolour. It looks distinctly different from the frame of the window which was done using watercolour pencils, which once applied was brushed over with a small wet brush. When I’m looking at this painting it seems strange to me, I really like the bricks and stone of the window frame, but I’m not as keen on the view from the window. The view seems washy and without too much detail. The strange thing is that the pen and wash that I tried in the middle turned out how it was supposed to look. So while to me it’s the view from the window that looks strange, in probability its the frame that’s probably the odd thing. It’s bold and detailed in comparison to the washy featureless parts.

If you’ve never been to Caernarfon Castle I’d highly recommend a visit. It’s a well maintained and kept castle, and that’s despite most of the rooms (whats left of them) being in ruins since it became a less important structure nationally (like most castles in the UK) since about 1485 – when the Tudor dynasty ascended to the throne resulting in tensions between the English and the Welsh.

This is another February painting which didn’t end up online as quickly as it should have done thanks to me being distracted by other paintings. I’m glad to say it finally arrived.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon. Thanks for being distracted.

This photo shows roughly the view I was painting.