Lindisfarne Castle

21cm x 13cm Watercolour sketchbook

Another painting from February. This painting was just a way of practising wash and ink, it’s copied art rather than an original piece. I noticed that the mother-in-law’s table place mats were Northumberland themed. A few years ago I visited Northumberland myself and it was beautiful. During my stay there I visited many places, one of those places that stuck with me because of how unique and gorgeous is was, was Lindisfarne Island, and Lindisfarne Castle. As such, painting a version of the place was always something I was going to do, but seeing the placement just moved me along a little more quickly.

I started with the background behind the castle, then added the water. After that I got the castle in too. All these were nice and easy using simple wash techniques I’ve been learning. After that it was time for the foreground, which would need a lot more detail, and heavier strokes. The boat seemed fairly straight forward after having done a boat recently on another painting. Getting the layers of the grass in the foreground was a little trickier, it involved applying layers, waiting for it to dry, then doing more, copy, paste, copy, paste. A lesson I learned here is that I could have used wash here too, I don’t know why I didn’t after the background was done like that.

I kind of like the final painting here, it was certainly good practise. The only thing I’d really change is the foreground to make it lighter and more washier.

Come back soon for another distraction, I’ve got loads more to post onto the blog, as the last few days will attest to, I’m slowly getting through them all. Maybe by the end of the month I’ll have caught up. Thanks for reading and hopefully see you soon.

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