Soest Osthofentor

13cm x 21cm watercolour sketchbook

As a young child I grew up in a lovely town called Soest in Germany. I remember my time there with great fondness, and where possible I try and get back to visit. Two years ago, 2018, I took my future wife to see the place and also to meet a friend I went to school with. Like me she also fell in love with the quaint little town. Soest is a town which still has medieval walls surrounding it. Walking around the walls is a good way to pass time. One of the things you’ll find when you wander around the town is the south gatehouse which still stands proud today, and is one of the images synonymous with Soest. What better building to inspire a painting.

Front of the gatehouse
Rear of the gatehouse

As you may see from the above pictures of the gatehouse, it’s beautiful from either the front of the back. I opted to do my painting from the back, from inside the town looking out.

This painting took me a little longer than usual to paint, partly because if the amount of detail I could add, and also because I want this painting to justify the beauty of the architecture.

The building’s colour was a little taxing, in parts its green, its grey slate, and it’s an ochre yellow colour. Getting that right wasn’t particularly easy, but I’ve been able to represent it well.

Just look at the variable colours in the brickwork!

I definitely would paint this again, and I’d do a larger version too – not limiting myself to a sketchbook page but perhaps an a3 or a4. The other motivation to paint it again is because it’s a lovely building too of course.

Final summary, I’m quite happy with this. The sky and clouds turned out nice. The brickwork looks OK. The features on the building are fairly accurate. The depth captured, the colours used, and the overlook… yeah, “that’ll do pig.” (FTR, yes that is a quote from “Babe: Pig in the City”)

I hope you enjoyed this distraction and I’d love to see you back soon for the next distraction. X

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