Day and night in the life of a Cactus

13cm x 21cm

I wanted to do another fun day and night picture. The last one I did in acrylic, “Day and night in the life of a tree“, came out OK. So why not try one in watercolour too. The idea of painting a cactus came from my fiance, she’s a teeny weeny little bit obsessed with cacti at the moment. We’ve got real cacti around the house, we’ve got porcelain cacti, cacti ice cubes, cushion covers, material, novelty lip balm, and on top of that she’s creative too, and she’s been painting and crocheting them too.

As you would expect, I protected half of the page while doing the day time colours, then repeated the process for the night time colours. Once the background was dry I set about doing the cactus on the page too.

I like the way the sun and the moon came out, in fact I quite like the sky on both day and night. The whole painting is fairly vibrant and bold, but I quite like that too. It’s simple and it’s fun. Not much else to say other than thanks for reading and please come back soon.