D is for Death Wraith

A Death Wraith is a spectral creature made up of suspended gas particles. Its the spirit of an evil person, trapped on the earthly plane in a ghostly form. They are usually found close to their physical remains or coffin. Their appearance is that of a covered, or shrouded skeleton, usually with hidden faces or bright red eyes glowing through a darkened hooded face. According to myth they don’t all carry weapons, however some do. If wielding a weapon its usually what they were buried with, or what they can find close to their remains. By that logic some wraiths have big meat hooks, some have swords, some have a scythe.

For my painting I concentrated on doing the Death Wraith alone, rather than putting it in a setting or giving it a background. I felt that the waves and curls of the shroud were enough to fill the page.

As you would expect, there weren’t a lot of colours required for this painting, in fact just ivory black was used for the subject – although I did use a dribble of crimson in the frame around the painting. The ivory black that I used was just watered down to different degrees for different places.

I enjoyed the simplicity of this painting. So, D is done, it was the Death Wraith. That means next up in my A-Z of monsters watercolour practise challenge is E. I have no idea what E is going to be yet. Come back soon to see what happened.

In the meantime, thanks for checking this out, and hope to see you again soon. X