F is for Feyr

Feyr or Fihyr is a random but grotesque monster. From what I understand it comes from the D&D universe, but don’t quote me on that, I’m not up on my turn based fantasy games – apologies if I am way out with that. Please feel free to correct me in the comments.

This monsters, from what I’ve read, are formed from the nightmares of ordinary denizens, and dormant magical energy. They feed off the emotions of a population. There are four types of Feyr’s, four distinct types Feyr’s; larvallessercommon, and great (sometimes called greater). Out of the four types, the one I’ve painted seems to be a great Feyr. Great Feyr’s occur when common or lesser Feyr’s are combined into one entity. Being combined they showing multiple features from the various creatures that make up the entity, such as multiple eyes or mouths.

They typically have two large tentacle-like legs growing where a pair of ears usually would on a face. Its face was spread across its whole body, and its large mouths boasted several pairs of teeth. Despite the rows of teeth it’s bite is only a small attack, the Feyr’s main attack is fear. The more fear it causes, the more it gets fed. Grim and vile to the human eye. Their mottled and warped skin on their head make it appear much like a human brain – in my painting I’ve made this part appear fleshier.

Below are some examples of Feyr’s that I found online, which served as inspiration for my own version.

In my watercolour sketchbook this measures 13cm by 21cm. I went about creating it by first sketching something out in pencil. Then I condensed my doodle into it’s final form using a 0.2 waterproof black lining pen. Once my lined draft version had dried I attacked it in watercolour paint, first giving it a light wash before building up the layers to intensify the colours. Once the paint was applied I used my black lining pen again just to bring out some of the features of the monster and add some finishing touches, like the random hairs dotted around it’s body.

I enjoyed this distraction. I’d never heard of a Feyr prior to looking for a monster that starts with an F. The obvious choice for a simpler life would of course been to paint Frankenstein’s monster, but I’ve done these before hundreds of times as a child who loved horror. The Feyr gave me the opportunity to try something new and unusual. The next distraction in the A-Z of monsters that I’m using as a theme to practise is G. Straight away I’m thinking Gargoyle, Ghost, Ghoul, Goblin, Golum, Gorgon, Gremlin, or even a Griffin – but let’s see. I’d like to try something I am not familiar with so I can learn as well as have fun.

Thanks for reading this distraction. Come back soon to see what happens next. X